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Crowne Plaza Marlow
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Standard guest rooms come in a variety of configurations, some with sleeper sofas capable of accommodating an additional guest or children.

Standard Double

  • Rooms adjoining with Double Double
  • Located on the ground floor only
  • 1500 cm wide double bed
  • Sofa bed which can accommodate up to two small children or one additional adult

  • Standard King

  • None of these guest rooms offer adjoining rooms
  • Located on the 2nd floor only
  • 1800 cm wide double bed
  • Armchair and footstool

  • Double Double

  • 48 guest rooms with 16 adjoining Standard Doubles
  • Located on both the ground and 2nd floors of both wings
  • Each room has two 1350 cm wide double beds
  • Armchair and table


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